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AdWords Express VS AdWords

Written by Lisa Kornell on . Posted in Blog

AdWords Express VS Regular AdWords - Digital Media Construction

AdWords represents 90 percent of Google’s revenue. It’s a tool used by businesses to get the product in the first results of a search query to improve sales. But you already knew some of this, so let’s see which is better for your business and why.

Let’s talk about what the advantages of each product are.

AdWords Express: It’s a Google product designed specifically for the entry user or someone who is on the run all the time. You choose a category, a targeted area, a budget and you write an ad and that’s it. Sounds easy, it’s easy, but there’s a catch, keep reading to find out.

AdWords: You have so much control over it that you can customize it to your business needs. You have full knowledge of what goes on under the hood. You can know how much money you’re getting in return (ROI). Most importantly, you can optimize it depending on the performance.

Now, let’s see what the disadvantages are.

AdWords Express: It is running automatically, you don’t know what it’s doing with your money or if it’s working for you or not. You’re just paying Google because you heard your ad should be on Google.

AdWords: It takes time and effort to build a custom campaign. You have to constantly pay attention to keyword bidding and new Google products available. You have to optimize it according to performance. You have to take time from your work/life to make it work properly.

AdWords Express VS Regular AdWords - Digital Media ConstructionSo, why should I go with the regular AdWords instead of AdWords Express?

Well, it’s all about the money. Google AdWords Express is like the magic chicken with the golden eggs. Google gets you the clicks, and then you pay blindly. You don’t know where those clicks are coming from. They could come from something unrelated to your business or simply overpaying for that click. In other words, you would probably spend 60 to 80 percent more than what you should.

To illustrate this let me show you an example of the amount of information that can be taken from a single click on AdWords.

  • What time of the day it happened
  • What day it happened
  • What city, zip code, state, country it happened in
  • What the query that generated that click was
  • What position the ad was shown on the search results
  • How long the client stayed on your website
  • If it filled out a contact form or called your business
  • How much the click cost you
  • Who is competing with you on this particular keyword
  • If the click was profitable for you or not
  • What ad showed from the A/B testing
  • How many impressions it had to get that click
  • Where on your website the client landed

On AdWords express you get: the number of clicks the campaign generated… and that’s all.

What can I do with all this information? Well, optimize, adapt the campaign to improve performance. Maybe that click was for something unrelated and we could simply stop it from happening again and save that hard earned money.

AdWords lets you filter words with a list of negative keywords. So if you’re selling computers you don’t want a click coming from “computer art” or “computer games”. With AdWords Express you’re paying for all those clicks, you just can’t filter them.

All in all, AdWords Express could be a starter for your business, but if you really want to succeed on the Internet you should try AdWords. And for its management, well, that’s what we do best.

Here at Digital Media Construction we care about the customer. We want the customer to be satisfied because we work under no contract. So we are always looking for the best click that is going to bring you sales, not just a website visit.


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