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Costly AdWords Default Settings to Avoid

Written by Melanie House on . Posted in Blog

Google Ad Words

Don’t get me wrong, Google has several great practices that you should follow such as the themed structure and tips on improving the quality score, but there are other details to be aware of. What I want to focus on here are the default settings.

The famous Search with Display Select

When creating a new campaign, AdWords default settings recommend to run a “Search with Display Select” campaign. This could really mess with your Click Through Rate and get you a lot of irrelevant clicks. A Display campaign is designed for branding purposes and a Search campaign is designed to bring the people actively looking for your products/service. If you want to run a Display campaign, do it separately with a budget that you can control and pause keywords that might not work.

Your targeting is not Your Actual Targeting

Google is a business and want to make money, so these options are there as extra settings to get more clicks, which creates more revenue for Google. It’s like when McDonald’s asks you if you want extra-large fries and Coke, only in the case of Google, you aren’t always aware of the extra costs.

Adwords Default Settings

When setting the targeting, AdWords default settings give you a nice map where you can choose a city, zip-code or even a radius targeting. If we look on the advanced settings we see the following option being recommended: “people in, searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location”. This would mean that if you are advertising something in New York and someone in Amsterdam “shows interest in your targeted location” the ad would show up in Amsterdam as well. Then you ask yourself, “why you are getting clicks from Amsterdam if your targeting is set in New York?” The solution is found below saying, “people in my targeted location”. This is a simple fix.

Your Best Performing Ad Could Be Left Behind

This last one has to do with how the ads rotate in the ad groups. AdWords default settings recommend to “optimize for clicks: Show ads expected to provide more clicks,” but what if that particular ad got lucky that week or what if the other ad never gets a chance to perform? Fortunately, we have another option that AdWords says it’s “not recommended for most advertisers,” it’s to “rotate indefinitely,” meaning that ads will always get the same amount of opportunities to perform. Once you have identified the best performing one you could simply pause the other one.

It is important to understand your Adwords campaign, so do your research so it can be a successful one!

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