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How to Get More Twitter Followers

Written by Lisa Kornell on . Posted in Blog


If you have a Twitter account but have yet to learn how to get more followers on Twitter, this is an article for you. By this point, most businesses are aware that social media is an important part of their businesses’ marketing efforts. As a result, almost all businesses have their own social media profiles on platforms like FacebookPinterest, and Twitter. However, there is a huge difference in having your profile set up and actually having a successful account with engaging customers.

The Importance of Twitter

It can be pretty hard to interact with potential customers through social media services, especially for small businesses, when the owner who is doing all the work didn’t exactly grow up with social media like younger generations have. Some businesses might think it’s enough with simply setting up a Twitter account and posting tweets every now and then, even if nobody ever hits retweet or favorites those tweets; but they couldn’t be more wrong! They might acknowledge the importance of engagement but don’t really know how to get more followers on Twitter who interact with their content.

The truth is, if you are going to invest your time in social media, you’d better do it right! Otherwise, you’d be wasting your time by not investing it. If done right, social media can be a great way to drive business, engage with potential clients, create customer loyalty, and increase credibility.

There are different social networks but we especially like Twitter! Most people might go for Facebook because there’s room for more things, like creating albums, posting a long status, etc. The concept of Twitter is kind of weird, like how beneficial can it be to write 140 characters every now and then? That’s what many people who have no experience with Twitter might think. So if you are one of those people, we’ll break it down to you. If you don’t know what you need to do on Twitter, we’ll tell you!

More Followers on Twitter

How to Get Started

First of all, look up your competitors on Twitter or anyone who does the same thing your business does. If you find one that has a lot of followers and interactions with others, try to analyze what they’re doing. See the topics they discuss, which hashtags they use, and what things they tweet about. Try to do the same and see if it works.

More Twitter Followers

Google which hashtags are most popular in your industry. For example, for Digital Media Construction we would Google something like “hashtags about SEO” and no surprise the most popular hashtag is #SEO. Hashtags are great to find things you are interested in and for others to find you! If you tweet things that are relevant and use appropriate hashtags you’ll have a solid follower base in no time!

Twitter Chats

Another awesome tool to get retweets, favorites, and followers is joining Twitter chats. So what are Twitter chats and how do you join them? Twitter chats are simply conversations about a certain topic. Many Twitter chats consists of a host asking questions and having many other users answering them and at the end they use a hashtag which is usually something like #TopicChat”. Then if you click on that hashtag you can see the different answers people give to a certain question. If you make a valuable contribution to the conversation or chat, it is quite likely you’ll be getting several new followers on Twitter.

If you have more ideas or would like to share some comments on how to get more followers on Twitter, the comment section is right below!

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