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Scheduling Posts on Facebook

Written by John Sampson on . Posted in Blog

Scheduling Posts on Facebook

Posting regularly on Facebook takes up a lot of time and can be challenging when you have other events on your calendar. Pre-scheduling posts on Facebook is a time saver and there are only a couple of steps to get started. Here we will explain how to do it and why it is beneficial. This is how easy it is scheduling posts on Facebook.

Start Like Normal

The first step to scheduling posts on Facebook is to start out like you normally would with one of your regular posts. Upload a picture, link or text of what you are going to talk about.

Pick a Date

Next, you pick a date. Picking a date too far into the future isn’t the best option. News gets old fast. Find a date or a time that would be good to announce your topic. When I schedule for a client of mine “the word of the day,” I schedule my posts for two weeks in advance. You can only post up to six months in advance. If you want schedule your posts weekly, that also works.

Facebook Post Time


Posts can also be backdated on Facebook. When a post is backdated it will appear in the proper place on your timeline. Your posts will appear on your followers timeline like it was just posted, but showing a different date.

When to post on Facebook


Scheduling Facebook posts will allow you to target your audience. By going into the Facebook Insights you are able to see when your audience engages most with your posts. With this tool, you can avoid posting when your audience is not online.

No Penalties

Scheduling Facebook posts will not be penalized. There are other tools that will allow you to schedule posts (Hootsuite, Buffer, Postcron, Slack Social, etc.) that allow Facebook (and your followers) to see that you are not posting through Facebook. Now that you know how to schedule posts on Facebook, you can take advantage of Facebook analytics to know what and when to schedule. Knowing the best way to manage your Facebook account will allow you to grow you social media presence overall. We will get into studying the analytics at another point in time. Happy Posting!

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