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The Importance of a Well Structured Website

Written by Bradley Lowe on . Posted in Blog

Website Structure

The importance of a well structured website is a topic that needs to be discussed before deciding on the campaign your company will use. Most small and medium size businesses prefer to go with PPC (cost-per-click, or pay-per-click) advertising rather than the other AdWords advertising venues when choosing the right marketing strategy. The main reason they prefer PPC is because Google only charges when someone clicks on the ad, as opposed to the amount of exposure. Companies who provide services such as a plumbing or cleaning will see better results in a campaign using the settings on the search network only rather than the display network because it is mainly for creating brand awareness.

Search Network

Search network only campaigns are great for companies that don’t have a very large budget and are not really interested in branding their business name. Instead, they can focus on bringing more traffic to their websites by using this campaign.

Getting Started

Before setting up a pay per click account you have to ask yourself: Do I have a website that is appealing to users and easy to navigate? Once a user clicks on your ad, he or she will be redirected to a page within your website. Then, Google will determine how well your site interacts with users. This process is known as the landing page experience.

Landing Page

Landing Page Experience

The landing page experience is one of the factors which Google takes into consideration when determining your quality score.  Your quality score will have a direct effect on your ad position (where your ad will be placed) and determines if it qualifies to run in the auction. Keep in mind that higher quality scores result in better ad positions and lower cost per clicks. If your website is not mobile friendly, if it takes too long load, or if it’s not easy to navigate, then you might want to focus on optimizing your website before doing PPC. A lot of small companies or self-employed contractors tend to make this mistake. They create PPC campaigns even if their websites are not fully optimized. This usually results in low performing ads and higher cost per clicks. It’s these unhappy advertisers that make some people believe that online advertising doesn’t work.

Fully Optimized Website

On the other hand, if your website is fully optimized: mobile friendly, it contains original content, it loads quickly and it’s easy to navigate; then you can take full advantage of PPC advertising. Although I just mentioned a few ways, there are a lot more ways to optimize your website. If your goal is for your campaign to be successful, then you might want read more about SEO. Remember, the difference between a goal and a dream is that you are inspired by dreams, but real goals can change your life.

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