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The Importance of Quality Score on Your AdWords Campaign

Written by Bradley Lowe on . Posted in Blog

Quality Score on AdWords Campaign - Digital Media Construction Imagine you’re looking for something specific on Google, say a red glass vase for flowers. The results you’re expecting from Google is exactly that with a link to the landing page specific for this product. You’re ready to buy because you already know what you’re looking for and Google should help you get there quickly.

The same happens for the ads, Google needs to have the most related to the search query right in the first results. For this Google uses something called “Quality Score”. This score is given by the relevancy of the campaign structure, the CTR and landing page experience. It is rated from one to ten, being 10/10 the best score. This score along with the bidding will give you a good or bad spot on the results page. QS can also affect the amount you pay per click (CPC).

Google gives a better spot and a cheaper cost per click if your Quality Score is high. So it’s something every advertiser is looking for.

The relevancy is one of the main things that affect the Quality Score. The keyword has to be related to the ad, ad group and landing page:

Keyword: red glass vase quality score
Ad Group: Red Glass Vase
Campaign: Glass Vases
Ad title: “Red Glass Vases”
Landing page: …vasestore.com/red-glass-vases

If a user clicks on the ad it will get what it is looking for, but Google still asks for more. The user must have a great experience on the website it landed on. The site should be optimized to load fast. It should be easy to go through the check out process. Website should also be mobile optimized in case it is coming from a smartphone or tablet.

Once all of this is checked and the campaign has run through some time, the CTR (Click Through Rate) starts to play an important role. Since you are not alone on the search results, competition is always going to try to take your spot. Imagine if you’re number one but the company below you shows a great promotion, “20% off Red Vases”, then your ad gets less clicked.

We made sure everything is relevant and the website can compete with Amazon in user experience and speed. This single marketing strategy from the competition is taking your clicks away and Google knows this with the CTR. The click through rate tells Google how many times you showed up on the search results and how many clicks you got. So the scenario might look puzzling at first given all the work done before to set things up. Then you look at your CTR and wonder why it’s so low.

The ad preview tool can be helpful on this situation, since it allows you to see the search results just as your target user sees it. There you can find out about this special promo so you can come up with a different one and fix the Quality Score issue you have.

Now that you fixed the Quality Score with a different AdWords strategy you can start enjoying the benefits. You will be paying way less than the competition at premium spot!

All in all, Quality Score can determine the success of your AdWords campaign. The concept sounds very easy but it takes time to master it in practice. The relevancy, user experience and click through rate must be in your mind all the time when building the campaign. Usually communication with the client is the key to improve the website and the marketing strategy to make a killer campaign.

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